Want to work with me in person in my private studio location? This option gives you strength training with weights and or Pilates equipment for your individually designed strength program to suit your lifestyle, needs, and goals. You will be working out in a private studio setting with just you and your coach (me!) so that you will receive 100% attention to detail within your training program. Individual program design offers strength training & lifestyle programming based on where you are currently and where you would like to be, and includes:

  • Assessment of your current fitness level via movement assessment and biometrics.
  • Your current stress levels, sleep patterns, and state of mind.
  • Your nutritional needs based on comprehensive assessment.
  • Continuous follow up and re-assessment to monitor progress.

Please contact me for further details & pricing.


Remote Coaching offers the same 1:1 programming as in-person studio sessions, but is instead delivered as an online platform via an app that is accessible from anywhere in the world on your smart phone.

Remote Coaching is a way to help you reclaim control of your fitness routine, nutrition, daily rhythm, and energy from the comfort of your own personal space. This is a program that is not cookie cutter or on demand, but is an individualized and progressive program designed just for YOU by your coach with a background of nearly 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Your program is built around:

  • Your current fitness level based on assessment and available workout equipment & space.
  • Your current stress levels, sleep patterns, and state of mind.
  • Your nutritional needs based on comprehensive assessment with a certified Level 2 Precision Nutrition coach.
  • Your progress based on monthly online or in person check ins (based on geographics), accountability & adherence.

Remote Coaching can be the perfect complement to your in person 1-1 training, or on its own depending on individual preference and location. Either way, it is ideal for anyone with a home gym setup, a public gym membership, or any small space with minimal equipment. My clients are typically frequent travellers, or are just wanting a personal coach to take the confusion and thinking out of their training program & get proven results.

“I used to visit Sue’s studio before COVID and really worried about gaining weight and losing muscle tone during lockdown. Sue offered me a monthly online coaching program at an excellent cost and full support. I LOVE the option of working out at my convenience but having a personal trainer follow up and encourage me. The videos of the workouts are a tremendous help because I learned which muscles to target and get the most out of my workouts. Anytime I have a question, Sue is available to speak to and she sees my workouts and adjusts my weights accordingly. If I have an injury or am not comfortable with something, she adjusts the program to suit my needs. As a result of working out with this program I lost 15 pounds and feel amazing. I love Sue and her program. She has been an amazing support to me.”

Please contact me for further details & pricing.

Balance Cayman is a boutique Pilates, strength, and fitness studio providing 1:1 private coaching both remote and in person, and is dedicated to bringing you long-term, sustainable results.


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