barreBooty’s are having a serious moment… no ifs or butts about it, and with year round summer weather here in Cayman, we’ve never been more serious about getting gorgeous glutes. But you don’t have to spend hours at the squat rack or deadlift double your bodyweight to get results – all you have to do is spend a little more time at the barre…

The perfect synergy of ballet, yoga and Pilates, BootyBarre will tone, define and chisel your whole body, and the best part is, you don’t need any dance experience to reap its abundance of benefits. This all-level class is a favorite here at Balance and is so much fun; you’ll forget you’re even working out.

Read below to learn about four sure-fire reasons you need to get your butt to the barre – stat.


IT BUILDS LEAN MUSCLE The more lean muscle mass your body has, the more calories you’ll burn at resting heart rate (read: sitting, sleeping, slothing), and the isometric movements and isolated muscle contractions that make up a bulk of the class will help you get there. The isometric movements in BootyBarre like plie pulses, target slow-twitch muscle fibers to help build strength and endurance, imperative for activities like long distance running, swimming and cycling. Those long lean limbs ballerinas have are anything but a coincidence…

IT’S FAT BURNING It might not be a HIIT class, but the short bursts of cardio intervals are designed to drive your heart rate up and push your body into the fat burning zone. What’s more? The added elements of dance and strengthening exercises will see you get your serious sweat on, and after all, good things come to those who sweat.

IT TARGETS YOUR WHOLE BODY There’s no denying the burn you’ll feel in your booty as little as 5-minutes in… (It’s a class that stays true to its name), but don’t let that deceive you, because you’ll leave having worked your entire body…especially your core. From the arm sculpting series at the beginning of the class right through to the core and back, you’ll feel the BootyBarre burn from your head right down to your toes.

IT IMPROVES STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY For anyone who has taken up weight training, you’ll know one of the first things to go can be your flexibility. With each rep of a heavy set, your muscle is shortening and without adequate stretching, your flexibility will decrease and you’ll end up with a lower range of movement. But BootyBarre focuses on stretching and lengthening the body, so you’ll walk out feeling insanely strong and ridiculously limber. Win win.

Fusing the best of dance, Pilates and yoga, this ultimate barre workout will get your heart pumping while toning, lengthening and strengthening your body like no other fitness class.

BootyBarre is available at Balance ~ See you at the Barre!

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