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The Studio

Balance Cayman is a boutique Pilates & Fitness studio offering a serene, friendly, results-oriented environment. My clients are professional people just like you that want to work with a coach to optimize their health and fitness, making it a top priority regardless of age, ability, or injury. Wherever you are today, I will work with your unique abilities to help you gain that extra edge you’ve been looking for, and to make sure that you leave every session feeling strong & empowered. I always bring an element of fun, enjoyment & energy to my clients workouts, while at the same time creating professional program designs that are personalized, safe, and sustainable over a lifetime.

Why Balance Cayman?

All of my program design is founded within the principles of Pilates. Why? Because I live, breathe, and truly believe in the method. Pilates is a proven solid foundation for all movement. I incorporate all of these principles into all of my Pilates & Functional Strength training sessions. I also believe in and promote other fitness modalities and encourage you to also run, walk, bike, play with your kids, dance, etc…, but ultimately ~ do your Pilates!

Balance is located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, offering expert instruction for private and semi-private training on the Pilates apparatus, TRX Suspension training, and a variety of Functional Fitness modalities. I also offer Remote Coaching, and Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching.


My Mission is to share my love of Pilates & Fitness in order to inspire my clients to live stronger, healthier, and happier lives through mindful movement.