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Remote Coaching


The onset of Covid-19 has changed the face of the fitness industry as we once knew it. Weeks and months of uncertainty and fear have held so many people back from their community fitness studios and gyms, leaving a serious void in their fitness lifestyles.

Remote Coaching is a way to help you reclaim control of your fitness routine, daily rhythm, and energy. Your coach will provide you with an individually designed plan delivered via TrueCoach platform that you can do in the safety of your own space, utilizing whatever equipment you have available. Training plans also include demo videos of the movements, enabling clients to easily upload their results and videos of their training session and provide immediate feedback to their coach via the TrueCoach app. Unique needs and goals are taken into account with monthly check ins (online or in person), ongoing assessments and comprehensive discussion around lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, and stress levels.

Remote Coaching can be the perfect complement to your in person 1-1 training, or just on its own depending on individual preference and location. Either way, it is ideal for anyone with a home gym setup with even minimal equipment, frequent travelers, or those that have access to a gym and are looking to take the confusion and thinking out of their training program, and for those that ultimately just want a coach in their corner.

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