At Balance, we offer private and semi-private Pilates sessions in our fully equipped studio, as well as group Pilates Mat classes. As Pilates is the foundation of our business, we incorporate the principles of Pilates into all of our group classes to ensure that you have a safe and effective workout.

The Pilates method of exercise is a true mind-body connection. The power of our minds controls our bodies far beyond our expectations. Quite simply, you can reach all of your goals if you are determined in your mind that this is what you want. While Pilates is well-known for creating the slim lines and strong core that are sought after by models, actors and dancers, Pilates is more importantly a powerful foundational method of exercise for all abilities, and for anyone interested in attaining betterment.

  • Athletes by encouraging correct movement patterning & correcting muscular imbalance, thus preventing injury.
  • Those who are desk bound or new to exercise as it helps to develop better posture, strength, flexibility, and new found energy.
  • Those with lower back pain, problems in the spine and joints, and those who may need post rehabilitative care.
  • Everyone of any age or gender who just wants to feel & move better!